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I'm rather laid back, and I don't fit into any real stereotypes, though some people might call me a nerd. I'm 6'5, way too skinny, have long hair, and I'm always dying it purple. I love meeting new people, though I tend to be a lone wolf until I can warm up to someone. Once I do though, I'm fairly easy to get along with.
  • Reading: Sword of Truth: Blood of the Fold
  • Playing: Grand Theft Auto !V
  • Eating: Spagetti
Bored so I stole this from my girl's journal.

Number: 6
Letter: X
Colour: Purple
Shape: Triangle?
Food: Italian
Drink: Mt. Dew Pitch Black
Sweet/Chocolate: Gummy worms
Animal: Scotty dog
Plant/Flower: Rose
Vehicle: Dodge Viper
Shop: Game Stop
Weather: Anything with rain
Subject/Study: Math
Occupation: Game designer
Possession: The pocket watch Shayne got me.   
Tool: My computer
Computer Programme: Photoshop
Emoticon: :hug:
Keyboard Symbol: The squiggly tilde thing. ~
Planet: Pluto. -.-
Periodic Element: Silver
Piece of Furniture: Bed
Bodily Organ: Heart
Superhero: Zedd :)
Villian: The Joker

Artwork: Digital Painting
Book: Temple of the Winds
Series: The Sword of Truth
Magazine/Newspaper: Game Informer
Film: Kung Fu Hustle
Programme/Show: One Piece
Cartoon: Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
TV Channel: Adult Swim
Radio Station: Playboy XM Radio
Song: Death of Me by RED
Sport: Soccer
Board Game/Toy: Airsoft gun
Video Game: World of Warcraft
Games Console: PC
Activity: Gaming

Idol: Blizzard lol
Celebrity: Christopher Walken
Artist: Shayne <3
Band: System of a Down
Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp/Jennifer Aniston. ;)
Author: Stephen King and Terry Goodkind

--Place & Time:--
Time of Day: Early evening
Day of the Week: Any day off lol
Month: October
Season of the Year: Winter
Vacation Destination: Anywhere I havent been
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
StateL Washington...
Seasonal Holiday: Halloween.

--In The Opposite Sex--
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brunette or red head
Accent: English
Body Type: Slender
Steryotype: Someone unique who doesn't fit into things like that.
Age Range: Legal to 30?

Now I have to go find one for her to steal lol.

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